Tech Support Space is a great resource. They are available 99% of the time and have resolved many of my issues over the years. I would highly recommend them for both virus protection and all areas of computer assistance. The Tech Support Space staff is very friendly and never hesitates to take sufficient time to resolve all questions.

Steve Myer


Service has always been very great! Feel well supported and issued taken care of. Five Star! Tech Support Space is the best I have ever used! Would highly recommend this service to others. Appreciate all that has been taken care of through this process.

Anne Smith

girl testimonial

Tech Support Space has saved me many times when I have had computer problems that I could not resolve. They help for little problems as well as the difficult ones. They have at times spent hours trying to fix something on my computer. I am able to get off the phone or computer while they continue to work on the problem. I am so glad I discovered them and will continue to use this company indefinitely.

Karol Baker

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The overall experiences with Tech Support Space has been outstanding. The professional high level of service and expert analysis of problems has been great. The solving of a major complex networking issue was handled with a great deal of expertise. Plus technician gave good advice for future projects and solutions. We are extremely satisfied with all the support Tech Support Space provides, "BRAVO".

Mike Grant

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